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The 'Why' of I-Stage Group: Because Performance is Everything

Every organisation has a "why" – a driving force that shapes its decisions and actions, defines its identity, and sets it apart from the rest. For I-Stage Group (ISG), an innovative organisation supplying high-quality entertainment to the leisure industry, that 'why' is simple yet profound: Because performance is everything.

Unraveling the ISG Mission

With a rich history spanning a decade, ISG has been unswervingly dedicated to one primary goal: supporting leisure businesses in creating unforgettable experiences for their customers. Their mission, deeply rooted in the ethos of performance, encompasses a wide array of services, from live performances at theatres, hotels, holiday centres, and festivals to delivering professional AV support for sound, lighting, and screens.

A Fully Equipped Team Tailored for Excellence

ISG isn’t just about providing entertainment; they facilitate it. Their in-house recording studio, managed by an expert music producer, assists artists in creating impeccable audio tracks. The creativity team works tirelessly to develop new shows and innovative concepts, complete with attention-grabbing screen graphics. And for artists who require bespoke arrangements, ISG's in-house composer provides tailor-made sheet music for orchestration.

For clients, the company's booking agency team offers comprehensive support, managing everything from one-off bookings to complete festival line-ups and full seasonal programming. The goal? To ensure every client receives the perfect match in talent and the smooth execution of entertainment that exceeds expectations.

A Company Founded on Core Values

ISG's resolve and unwavering commitment to its mission are built upon five key values: resilience, creativity, ambition, teamwork, and reliability. Each one plays a crucial role in their everyday operations, guiding decisions and nurturing the culture of the organisation.

Resilience in the face of challenges, creativity in crafting unique entertainment experiences, ambition that pushes boundaries, teamwork that fosters collaboration and synergy, and reliability, a promise of trust and dependability to all stakeholders – these are not just words but the essence of ISG’s modus operandi.

Translating 'Why' into Action

ISG prides itself on helping artists achieve their goals, recognising that exceptional talent is the key to delivering exceptional entertainment. The company's passion for performance fuels its commitment to nurturing and developing that talent. As performers themselves, the team at ISG deeply understands the sacrifices artists make to deliver unforgettable performances night after night.

ISG’s 'Why' is thus brought to life through the careful selection, support, and promotion of the artists they work with, ensuring that both the artist’s potential and the client’s expectations are met – and exceeded.

The Impact of ISG’s ‘Why’

ISG's ‘Why’ goes beyond being a business strategy; it is the bedrock of the company’s influence and the core of its impact. By holding steadfast to its purpose, ISG has been instrumental in not only providing high-quality entertainment, but also in shaping careers, elevating events, and creating lasting memories for countless customers.

Paul Waite, CEO of I-Stage Group, passionately states:

"The essence of our work at ISG goes beyond the acts on the stage or the technology that enhances them. It's about our 'Why'. We believe in the transformative power of performance, the magic it can weave in people's lives, and the memories it can create. Our 'Why' is to support artists in their journey of self-expression, to ensure our clients experience seamless entertainment, and to make every event a unique, memorable occasion. Because for us, performance isn't just an act - it's everything. This commitment forms the heart of our purpose and drives everything we do.”


The I-Stage Group stands as a testament to the profound impact an organisation can have when it is guided by a clear and compelling 'Why'. Their commitment to performance in all its forms – from the artists on stage to the technical wizardry behind the scenes – is a shining example of a purpose-driven approach. ISG's well-rounded suite of services, designed to nurture artists and cater to every client's unique needs, further underscores their unwavering commitment to their core purpose.

The road ahead is sure to present new challenges and opportunities. Yet, with their firmly entrenched 'Why' - Because performance is everything - ISG is well-positioned to continue making a significant difference in thethe world of entertainment, one unforgettable performance at a time. No matter what lies ahead, the I-Stage Group will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of the leisure industry by nurturing talent, facilitating memorable experiences, and embodying their 'Why' with unyielding passion. Because for ISG, performance truly is everything.

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