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Re-Take That


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Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg

Re-Take That

The Worlds greatest tribute to Take That -"Just like watching my mates on stage. Brilliant! The attention to detail is amazing!"
Jason Orange.

Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg

Ami Vaziri

Get ready to experience world-class entertainment like never before with Ami Vaziri - the internationally renowned singer with mesmerising vocals, a versatile repertoire, and exceptional stage presence.

Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg

Royal Rhapsody

Experience the Magic of Queen with Royal Rhapsody - The Ultimate Tribute to One of the Greatest Bands of All Time!

Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg

Geoff Mull

Award-winning artiste with an unrivalled reputation for delivering amazing performances.

Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg

Ibiza in Symphony

The Sound, The atmosphere, The Experience!
Get ready to experience the ultimate Ibiza party on stage with Ibiza in Symphony!

Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg

Mac Busted

Get your pop-rock fix with this one-of-a-kind 5-piece tribute to UK bands McFly and Busted.

Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg


A vocal Master-piece! An incredible display of vocal ranges featuring re-imagined classic as well as some popular modern hits.

Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg


Direct from the USA. John-Philip brings Las Vegas class and style to any event.

Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Duchess, where three powerhouse voices unite to inspire.

Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg

Royal Beats

This band is ideal for weddings and corporate events and can be scaled from a 6-piece to an 20-piece band.

Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg

Jackson Soul and the Starlights

Jackson Soul Brings authenticity and class to every performance.

Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg

Duncan Heather

Discover three amazing shows by Duncan Heather - More Than A Tenor, The Frankie Valli Songbook and The Rock Tenor.



We work hard to find you the best acts for all occasions with all of them are either an ISG-produced act or someone we've spent time with to ensure they match the ISG core values.


Here are just a few of our newest acts!

Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg


Vocal Pop Trio - As seen on ITV’s ‘The Voice’ UK

Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg

Rock On!

Are you ready to rock!? ROCK ON! is a modern four piece male rock vocal group featuring vocalists from the West Ends biggest rock shows.

Re-Take That - Generic Artwork-06.jpg

Avant Garde

Featuring four powerhouse vocalists from West End shows

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