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Intelligent stage group

We focus on the whole picture from nurturing new talent to building long-term creative and commercial partnerships that deliver strong results and fantastic shows.  

Our track record of successful tailor-made creative solutions and our ability to innovate has driven the growth of our repeat business. We have established strong partnerships with venues, holiday companies, non-profits, and other leading producers across the UK and Europe. 


Casting and Recruitment


At ISG we live and breathe our core beliefs and values: creativity, ambition, teamwork, resilience & reliability.  

We believe 'performance is everything' on and off stage. Our mission is to employ, equip and empower all our employees and performers so we can provide our clients with exceptional entertainment that engages & delights audiences.  

Core Principles


We are proud of our North-East of England roots and have built a creative organisation that combines high-quality production, musical talent, technology and creative management support enabling us to deliver stand-out entertainment across multiple locations. We deliver creative, memorable and successful entertainment experiences.

Meet the Team
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