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The next generation...

At ISG we're passionate about supporting and nurturing the next generation of talent.  

We have created partnerships projects with grassroots organisations like Inspire Stage School working with junior school children and working with Sunderland College and Sunderland University through groundbreaking initiatives like Platform North East. 

We know that the North East of England is rich with talented individuals and ISG aims to be a gateway for them to start their journey into the entertainment industry. 


Platform North East


ISG were proud to launch a new initiative called Platform North East in collaboration with ‘Kycker’ thanks to funding from Arts Council England. 


Platform North East is a fantastic opportunity for singer-songwriters to come together and work with industry experts on essential skills such as songwriting, stage presence, marketing, and social media as well as offering practical advice on other areas of the music industry.


In addition to having an original song composed and produced at ISG’s creative Hub, Kycker will help artists release their music across multiple platforms and offer workshops on live performance.


We work hard to find you the best acts for any occasion, with all of them, either an ISG-produced act or someone we've spent time with to ensure they match the ISG core values.


Part of our activity to do this is working with local colleges, universities and stage schools. Below is some of the work that we recently did with Sunderland College. 

Sunderlan College


As a professional singer with two decades of experience, School principal Gemma Waite opened Inspire Stage School with the vision of providing the best possible tuition for younger students interested in singing, dancing and performing.  


Gemma shares her knowledge and insights with her students by elevating “The Arts” as more than simply a recreational hobby. By employing professional individuals qualified in Performing Arts who also have a wealth of knowledge and experience working within the entertainment industry helps to make Inspire unique.  

The overall aim is to foster the aspirations and goals of younger students and provide a gateway for them to the entertainment industry from an early age. 

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