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ISG Partners with Hotel Chain Warner Hotels to Deliver an Unforgettable Ibiza-Themed Weekend

At ISG, we specialise in orchestrating entertainment experiences that deeply resonate with diverse audiences. Our expertise lies not only in curating bespoke events but also in creating memorable moments that last a lifetime. This summer, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Warner Hotels to introduce an exhilarating Ibiza-themed weekend at the prestigious Heythrop Park Hotel, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards innovation in entertainment.

Warner Hotels, synonymous with unparalleled hospitality and exceptional leisure experiences, has entrusted us with the opportunity to appeal to a fresh demographic whilst honouring their cherished, traditional guest base. This collaboration is a testament to the confidence and belief Warner Hotels places in ISG's ability to deliver meticulously tailored entertainment that aligns perfectly with the demographic nuances of their guests.

A Curated Symphony of Entertainment Awaits

The highlight of this summer weekend is an electrifying lineup of performances, meticulously chosen to cater to both newcomers and longtime patrons. Central to our event is the Ibiza In Symphony Orchestra, a groundbreaking concept created in-house by the creative team at ISG. This astounding 16-piece ensemble is set to redefine the greatest Ibiza hits with their majestic renditions. By fusing classic orchestral elements with iconic dance music, they promise not just a musical journey but an orchestral homage to the evolution of dance music, embodying the spirit of Ibiza in a way that’s never been experienced before.

Headline Acts to Enthral and Captivate

Embodying the spirit of Ibiza, the event features legendary DJ Dave Pearce, a colossal figure within the Ibiza music scene, and renowned BBC Radio 2 presenter Vernon Kay, who has recently taken his DJ talents to Ibiza's vibrant nightlife. Their mastery in crafting immersive DJ sets, enriched by their authentic Ibiza experiences, will ensure an atmosphere brimming with high-energy dance anthems, setting the stage for nights filled with rhythm and euphoria.

A High-Energy Production Show

Further elevating the Ibiza experience, our production show promises to encapsulate the essence of Ibiza’s vibrant party scene, ensuring every guest finds themselves on the dance floor. Complemented by performances from String Infusion, Danielle Grace Williams, Khalysis, and Ibiza Rocks, the event is poised to offer a diverse musical palette, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Unparalleled Event and AV Support

ISG's role extends beyond entertainment curation to providing comprehensive event and AV support, ensuring a seamless execution of the weekend. Our dedicated team will ensure every detail, from lighting to sound, is flawlessly delivered, allowing guests to immerse themselves fully in the experience.

A Partnership Built on Shared Vision and Trust

Our collaboration with Warner Hotels reflects a mutual commitment to pushing the boundaries of entertainment. It highlights Warner Hotels' trust in ISG to curate an event that not only anticipates the evolving preferences of its guests but also sets new standards in hospitality entertainment.

Join Us This Summer

The Ibiza-themed weekend at Heythrop Park Hotel, commencing on the 9th of August 2024, represents more than just an event—it signifies a celebration of music, culture, and innovation. We are proud to partner with Warner Hotels for this venture, united by our shared vision of delivering unparalleled entertainment experiences.

We invite you to be part of this groundbreaking event. For more information and to secure your spot at this summer's most anticipated break, please visit Warner Hotels. Together, let's make this summer unforgettable, one beat at a time.

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