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Ami Vaziri

Get ready to experience world-class entertainment like never before with Ami Vaziri - the internationally renowned singer with mesmerising vocals, a versatile repertoire, and exceptional stage presence.

Ami Vaziri is an internationally renowned singer who has captivated audiences around the world with her exquisite vocals, outstanding repertoire, and mesmerising stage presence. With years of experience entertaining audiences in 5-star international hotels, resorts, and cruise ships, Ami has earned a reputation as a world-class performer.

One of the things that sets Ami apart from other singers is her ability to perform a wide variety of material from a range of genres. Whether it's Dolly Parton, Dua Lipa, Guns n Roses, or Ariana Grande, Ami's talent and versatility ensure that she can deliver a performance that will meet the needs of any audience. And with a live band to back her up, Ami's performances are sure to be unforgettable.

But it's not just Ami's talent that makes her stand out in the music industry. Her stagecraft is also exceptional, and her unique energy and charisma help to create an unforgettable experience for her audience. Whether she's performing in an intimate setting or in front of thousands of people, Ami has a gift for connecting with her audience and creating a magical atmosphere that will leave everyone feeling uplifted and inspired.

In short, Ami Vaziri is a singer who truly embodies the essence of world-class entertainment. With her exceptional talent, versatile repertoire, and mesmerising stage presence, she is sure to elevate any event to the highest level. Whether you're looking for a singer for a corporate event, wedding, or any other occasion, Ami is the perfect choice for those who want nothing less than the very best.

Performance Notes:

1 x 60 minute set or 2 x 45 minute sets

Available solo or with a live band.

Perfect for

All, Holiday Parks, Cruise Ships, Corporate, Festivals, Hotels, Family, Theatres


All, Pop

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