Kate Wright is a world-renowned, award-winning violinist. With her incredible talent for playing her extraordinary violins, Kate can elevate any function—private or public—to an ethereal experience. Whether she is performing at a Wedding, Charity Ball, or any Private or Corporate Event, Kate can create an ideal ambience. Her audiences have been enraptured with her unique musical fusions. She plays everything from acoustic classical sets that subtly entrance, to electric pop favourites that can move even those unaccustomed to dance.


A number of prestigious corporate clients have applauded Kate.s performances. To name a few: Land Rover, Vogue, IBM, Apple, House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols, Heineken and Debenhams. Kate has played for an International Forex Event for Ducascopy Bank in Geneva; Bisquit Castle Inauguration in Cognac, France; and Atlantica Imperial Resort, Rhodes, Greece. She has also performed at several venues in the US and Asia.