A charming and sharp comedy natural, Josh Daniels guarantees laughs from the moment he walks on stage.

Even though Josh started out in the 90’s, playing guitar and singing, the crowds were in stitches with his one liners and ‘off the cuff’ parody songs.  After a newspaper described him as a ‘comedian’, he realised that comedy was his natural passion.

The first few years of Josh’s career were in comedy clubs such as ‘Jongleurs’ and ‘The Comedy Store’, where he perfected his material and improv skills as well as controlling a crowd.

Recently, Josh has found himself supporting TV comedians including Jo Brand, John Bishop, Michael McIntyre and Barry Cryer as well as performing his own theatre shows and writing for TV and radio.

Josh’s calendar has consisted mainly of corporate events, sporting dinners, holiday centres and cruise ships which has expanded his material to accommodate a wide range of audiences.

He can host, perform and even help with the auction in an amusing way, putting the fun into fundraising.

Now, armed with his little guitar that takes his funny stories to a different level, Josh has become a popular comic in demand around the UK and internationally.