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An international vocal-harmony group Singing Electro Acapella!


Ody.C is an international vocal-harmony group consisting of members Zosie Jenks, Evelina Järrebring, Sharif Osman and Silvan Rupp.

Forming during lockdown 2020, they decided to combine their close friendships with their love for music and performing!

ODY.C creates fresh and unique arrangements of pop and rock songs through the ages stretching from the 1960s to current chart hits. They strive to bring a new and exciting take on classic and contemporary songs by displaying their vocal talents through their original modern acapella arrangements. Paired with the energy of their electronic drums, they are pioneers of a new genre they have created themselves - Electro Acapella!

With a wealth of experience in all areas of the music and entertainment industry, ODY.C is proud to merge its talents together to produce this completely unique show for audiences around the globe.

Performance Notes:

1 x 60 minute set or 2 x 45 minute sets

Perfect for

All, Corporate, Cruise Ships, Festivals, Theatres, Weddings


All, Pop, Theatre

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