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Matricks Illusion

"Slick & Highly Entertaining" - The Stage

This unique act has performed at a variety of high profile events and venues, including reaching the live finals of Britain's Got Talent 2022, and starring in London's West End "Wonderville".

Matricks has not only baffled the nation and celebrity judge Simon Cowell but even the likes of Bradley Walsh and international star KSI.

Matricks has a unique and innovative style, using a fleet of ground breaking illusions and choreographed precision throughout to create a truly mesmerising experience. Master Illusionist Alexander Jesson captures the imagination of every audience and commands a special stage presence like no other, blending magic and thrill with comedy and charm.

A production that brings the traditional magic forms into the modern day.

Performance Notes:

2 x 45/60 minute | Stage Illusion show (2,3,4,6 piece)
2 x 45/60 minute | Festive Stage Illusion show (2,3,4,6 piece)
2 x 20 minute | Variety Show Magic/Illusion Spot (2,3,4 piece)
2 x 45 mins | Theatre Grand Illusion Show (10 piece)
2 x 45 mins | Festive Theatre Grand Illusion Show (10 piece)
2 x 45 minute | Stage Magic Fly-out show (2-piece)
2x 20 minute | Close Up Magic

Perfect for

All, TV, Cruise Ships, Corporate, Festivals, Hotels, Theatres, Weddings


All, Magic, Illusionist

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