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Gallagher and Cross

Gallagher and Cross deliver a seemless show that captivates and involves the audience from start to finish.

Having had major success over the years from sell out theatre tours, major cruise line contracts, radio presenting, professional pantomime and TV credits including Sky Sports, this well produced duo have used their wealth of experience to create an all new experience.

Tipping the hat to the most adored, decorated and unforgettable comedians from past and present including Abbott and Costello, Morcombe and Wise, Cannon and Ball, The Two Ronnie's, Ant and Dec and many many more with their very own unique twist that threatens to be unrivalled.

This combination of tried and tested comedy infused with a fresh enthusiasm and natural, unteachable timing will have audiences of all ages laughing out loud.

Performance Notes:

Various performances are available from hosting events, to stand up shows

Perfect for

All, Cruise, Hotels, Festivals


All, Comedy

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